Friday, July 26, 2013

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Vacation Time

Packing for the Kids

It's birthday time for my kids (b-days are 5 days apart), and that means it's time to go to Tennessee to visit the family.  I'm excited to visit everyone and see their reactions when they see how much the kids have grown.  What I am not looking forward to, is living out of a suitcase for a week and trying to keep everything for 4 people organized while still taking care of the kids, and preparing for last minute outings in a flash.

It seems like every time I go on a trip, I spend tons of time packing, organizing and trying to make sure everything is nice and neat.  When we arrive to our destination, the hubby takes a shower and changes clothes, I get both kids into nice fresh outfits, and then I get myself dressed.  When that is all done, the bags are scrambled!  Completely scrambled!  Everyone (myself included)  'digs' to find what they need and everyone's clothes end up all jumbled.  I think this has become MUCH worse since the addition of tiny clothes for 2 kids.  It's just impossible to keep it all neat!  

This time I have decided to try something new.  As my readers all know, I am on a journey to becoming more organized.  While I was doing laundry yesterday, pondering a solution for my super big problem, my very soon to be 3 year old brought me a box of ziplock bags and informed me that her little brother had gotten them out of the pantry again.  *Light Bulb!*  Why couldn't I put an outfit in a ziplock bag?  There wasn't any reason I could think of .  Instead of digging through my suitcase for shorts, shirt, and matching socks, I will only have to find a bag.  

I put one and only one outfit in each bag.  Panties/diaper (depending on which child it's for), shorts, shirt, and a pair of socks!  In the morning I can just grab a bag for each child and the wipes.  Everything I need for getting the kids ready for the day in one quick grab. I also did one bag with all of their shoes and another swim bag (sunscreen, bathing suits, and hats).  I am hoping this will help keep me from getting so stressed out (and being the one 'holding up the train').

I will let everyone know how it worked out!

Talk to me!  Tell me your tips and trips for packing or traveling with kids in the comments below!


  1. I do something similar. It works well! And I have the bags available to put dirty clothes in.


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