Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Posted by jinson on 8:58 AM 1 comment
Yup, that's right!  JC Penny has just announced on their facebook page that they will giving away free snow globes (while supplies last) this year for Black Friday.  This is the first of many deals I will be sharing!  Who else is excited to see this year's black Friday deals?


  1. Thank you for this. I did not know they were already doing the announcements of Black Friday sales. I do not think I am going to do the actual going to stores this year. its too crazy. but I want to do some online deals this year. I got to tell you a story. We started doing them over 20 years ago, Girl we used to be able to walk in the door and get everything. But then comes the horror story. The year of the Furby. People were stomping over each other and fighting. After that I laid off a little and just did one or two stores. This year its going to be online


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