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 21 Day Fix™ Review

This post is sponsored by Beachbody.

I have been carrying some extra weight since the birth of my first child nearly 4 years ago.  I had just started losing some of that weight when I found out I was pregnant with my son. The extra weight has made me feel self conscious about myself for quite some time.  That's why I was very excited to get the opportunity to review the 21 Day Fix program by Beachbody.  

The 21 Day Fix is both a diet and exercise program.  Unlike many diets where you end up feeling starved though, on this program I couldn't even eat all the food some days.  Each color of container represents a different type of food- protein, vegetables, carbs, fats, etc. You create a personalized plan for yourself using your calorie needs (they help you calculate this with a very simple formula).  Each range of target daily calories allows you a certain number of each container to spread throughout your day.  With my Calorie Target of 1200 to 1400 calories I was able to fill the green (veggie) container 3 times, the purple (fruit) 2 times, the red (protein) 4 times, the yellow (carbs) 2 times, the blue (healthy fats) 1 time, the orange (seeds like sunflower and dressings) 1 time, and 2 teaspoons of nut butters (such as peanut butter) and healthy oils every day.

This diet was very 'doable'.  There are tons of options for each food group, and you can use as much spices and herbs as you would like.  In addition to the food goals, you also have a daily goal for water intake.  This was pretty easy to follow too, because they give you plenty of options for dressing up your water by adding natural flavors.  The program also allows for some amount of tea or coffee each day! Being able to have my tea in the morning (my coffee maker is broken) was something I REALLY liked about this program.

Now, for the exercises. . . There is one 30 minute exercise every day. These rotate on a pre-made plan.  My fitness level before beginning this program was embarrassingly low.  The first day of this program was VERY hard, but I managed to get through it by following the modified exercises.

In each video, they break it down into 60 seconds of an exercise with a short rest in between.  The trainer in the video encourages you to push through, and reminds you to not look behind at the exercises you have done or the exercises that are coming up- only worry about the 60 seconds you are working on right then.   

At the end of the first day's exercise, I felt exhausted and was sore the next morning.  The next day was worse. The third day was no worse than the second day, but I still didn't feel great.  By the fourth day though, the exercises started getting easier, and I even managed to do some of the exercises without doing the modifier.  By the fifth day, I was adding a 30 minute walk with the kids to cool down.

Here are my before and after measurements.  I am only 12 days into the program, so I still have 9 days left, and I expect to lose even more!

                                     BEFORE                                       AFTER

CHEST                          39"                                                   37 1/2"

R ARM                         13 1/2 "                                             12 1/2"

L ARM                         13 1/2"                                              12 1/2"

WAIST                         38 1/2"                                              36 3/4"

HIPS                             43"                                                   41 3/4"

R THIGH                      25 1/2"                                              24"

L THIGH                      25 1/2"                                              24"

TOTAL INCHES           199 1/2"                                            189"   10 total inches lost!!!!

WEIGHT                      176lbs                                                170lbs     6 lbs lost!

I will update later with my full results after the 21 days are over.  I am really excited to see how much I will end up losing.  I am already having to wear a belt with my jeans!  If you would like to try the 21 Day Fix for yourself, you can visit their website ,  21 Day Fix or you can head to savings.com to enter their giveaway!

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  1. It's amazing how far how fast you can get w/consistency. I like that these are 30 minutes. Everyone can squeeze that in.

  2. 30 minutes a day.. the trainers always tell me 1-1.5 hours.. 30 min is doable for sure..

  3. Awesome, the time sounds reasonable and can do with some good exercise:)

  4. What a great program!! And it's healthy weightloss. Not some crash diet. This is awesome! Good job!

  5. I love beach body, I have brazil butt lift and its absolutely amazing! Would love to try this one out!

  6. WHAT?!?! That is CRAZY!!!! I HAVE to get this...congrats on sticking with it and reaching such fantastic goals...so exciting :)

  7. You are really doing very well with this diet and exercise plan! Keep up the great work!

  8. we have very similar measurements, I am going to look into this program

  9. Great results! I would love to try this after I have our baby in July!

  10. This sounds great, what a great motivator to get to your target weight!

  11. It is amazing how this program really works. Even I have a video for me to have abs and even in small time, it is really effective. I know for sure this program will work especially you'll follow all the guidelines and instructions.

  12. They say the inches mean more than the pounds, so bravo!

  13. Great job! Loosing weight can be really tough but it sounds like you right a way that works for you!

  14. Congrats on your success so far! Excited to get your update at the end of the program :)

  15. Your inch loss chart shows some amazing results in just 12 days!

  16. I get interested and motivated if I see new fitness ideas. ive been on and off trying to lose weight this past couple of years. Thiis beach body 21 day fix review sounds promising. ill check this dvd out

  17. Hm, I need company to do these things. Congrats on your success.


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