Saturday, January 18, 2014

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Hubs likes to wear solid colored t-shirts with no pockets.  I can't stand that even such plain looking shirts cost $24.99 at the department stores!  As a frugal person it REALLY irks me.  Yesterday while browsing Hobby Lobby's website for some new crafts to do with Miss Laura, I ran across something amazing. . .  T-shirts for $2.79!  They even have fitted shirts for women for $4.19!  I was so excited I had to share it!

Apparently their shirts are always 30% off. . . which is a little confusing. I mean, why don't they just price them at the lower price to begin with?  I'm still not complaining though, this is an awesome price! They have Women's, Men's, and Children's.  The prices do vary a little, like with the Sky colored shirt I got.  

Here is the link that goes directly to the shirts.  The first page or two is all the safety (really bright) colors, but you can narrow your search by color on the left hand side.  

I am thinking about ordering him 10 more, since he is always ruining them.  He is a gardener/landscaper and always ends up getting asked to bleach something without notice. 

Is there a deal you got really excited about lately?  


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